Lose Weight Fast!

Have you had trouble losing weight? Couldn’t get those trouble areas like that muffin top? Struggled with hard to do exercises that left you in pain for days on end??

exercise fail


Today only, I have a once in a lifetime offer, JUST FOR YOU! It’s a QUICK and EASY way to lose weight the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE!

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What is this miracle weight loss solution, you ask?

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Thanks to this flu, I’ve eaten NOTHING but DRY TOAST and WATER since SUNDAY and anything else has quickly been evacuated from my body! As a result, I’ve lost a WHOPPING 7 pounds in 3 days! At this rate, I’ll be at my goal weight in 20 days!

Is this a wonder cure for obesity, or what???

Seriously though, this stomach flu has been killer. Nothing is staying in my stomach (not even Pepto Bismol) and I don’t have an appetite for anything. It’s a wonder I’m not dehydrated. Please make sure that you wash or sanitize your hands after touching ANYTHING and before eating anything.

You know what, just walk around in a bubble. That’ll do it.


10 Weeks

Yesterday, I turned 10 weeks and it wasn’t without event…I woke up with the worst sore throat, stuffy and runny nose (yes, at the same damn time) and headache. On top of that, I had nausea and overall fatigue. Well, needless to say I dragged myself out of bed to the walk in clinic down the street. 

Got there to find 4 people ahead of me…apparently everyone gets sick right before Christmas. Who knows what other germs I picked up while in the waiting room. Fast forward to my turn in the little room. Nurse lady takes my blood pressure and all that jazz and asks the routine questions. Now, mind you, she has the piece of paper upon which I wrote all this stuff on, including the fact that I’m taking prenatals and that I’m 10 weeks pregnant. So, she doesn’t mention me being pregnant or the prenatals at all so that tells me she hasn’t even looked at the sheet of paper. So as she’s getting ready to leave, i say to her “By the way, I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I wrote it on the sheet”. She looks at it then says “You sure are!” with utmost surprise. Like really though? I wrote it there for a reason. Fast forward a few minutes. The doctor walks in and asks me what’s wrong. Checks my throat, listens to my lungs and tells me I’m negative for the flu and negative for strep. Looks like I just have “the crud”. Let me just say that the crud combined with the woes of being in the first trimester suck. I feel like crap and all I want to do is sleep.

Anyway, I got prescribed a Z-pack that I’ve got to take for 5 days. Hopefully that will knock this junk out and then I can just go back to feeling ill because of my first trimester. 

On another note, while picking up my Rx, I also picked up some VitaFusion Gummie Prenatals. Why do they taste like candy?! OMG! I highly recommend them!


Anyway, this morning, I still feel like crap but I’ve got things to do and my mother in law’s flight gets in at 220pm. Gotta fight through it!

Til next time….