My sister-in-law told me earlier this week (and this isn’t the first time) that I’m her motivation. While I’m flattered, I always have trouble wrapping my mind around that. I mean, I’m fat, lazy and regularly fall off the wagon. How can this be motivating?

But then I realized that despite these things, I never give up.


And I can see how that can be motivational to someone. So, even though there are days that you feel like you’re just floundering, you have to keep going because you never know when you could be motivating someone to make a difference in their own life.

Now, if I motivate her, what motivates me? My son is my motivation. There are days when I want to attach my FitBit to him and see how many steps he takes in a day and then record them as my own. He moves that much! And I want him to keep moving! I don’t want him to ever fall into a sedentary life and forget how much fun running in circles around the couch! So, he motivates me to get my weight down and get my energy up so that I can keep up with him and be a great example to him as he gets older.

Kids are observant. They see EVERYTHING! If he sees me making healthy choices, he’ll want to do the same. And this doesn’t only apply to health. It applies to moral and ethical choices as well. Children are born as a blank slate. They love everything and everyone equally and wouldn’t it be wonderful if they stayed that way? But they learn from their parents what the right and wrong things are (even if these things aren’t the right and wrong things and even before their parents deliberately try to teach them these things).

And so far, this motivation is working! In the last month, I’ve lost 13 pounds and I’ve made massive changes to what and how much I eat. I’ve not had fast food, soda or delivery pizza in 42 days and I intend to keep this going well into the new year. The new year will also see me looking for a regular exercise regimen. This is truly going to be a lifestyle change rather than just a diet.

What’s your motivation? It can be a new dress, health changes, family or loved ones. Only you can define your motivation and nobody can tell you that your motivation is wrong. So, if you haven’t already found it, figure out what it is and let that motivation move you to be successful!

While thinking of your motivation, enjoy the most motivational song of the 1980’s.


Connections with Strangers and a Declaration

It always feels good to connect with someone on a similar journey as myself. Being able to hear their about their journey helps me renew my effort and reminds me “Hey, I can do this!”.

Today, at my “day job”, I met someone who is also on a weight loss/get fit mission and I would have never thought it. She was fit, confident and awesome to talk to but it turns out that she’s lost 57 pounds this year through healthy eating and marathon training. Yep, marathon training. Her New Year’s resolution was to run a Half Marathon (Here I was thinking I was doing big things vowing to run a 5K! Lol! I’m joking!). And she’ll be achieving that goal in the next 2 weeks. I told her about my completing The Color Run last weekend (which I’m still high off of, BTW) and she gave me a high five while praising my success and encouraging me to continue. THAT made me feel great. A complete stranger shared my excitement and that made me want to keep going.

So, stranger who will remain unnamed, this post is for you. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the words of encouragement. You’re helping me stay on my toes and it is because of you that I will be making this declaration…


*omg, did I just say type that?*

Why yes, yes I did.