Cinnabon is the Devil

I’ve really got to get a handle on my blood sugar. It’s been almost a month since my pre-diabetic diagnosis and I am getting better at reading my body (i.e. Knowing when my blood sugar is too low/high). But some days, I make bad judgements and today was one of those days.


I stopped at the mall on my way home from work to pick something up from the Apple Store for the hubby. I hadn’t eaten since 1115 am and it was about 330 pm when I got to the store. My head was starting to hurt and waves of nausea/lightheadedness were starting to wash over me. This is usually a pretty fair indication that I need to eat and that my blood sugar is too low. So, I grabbed the closest thing I could find – Cinnabon.

Its warm gooey creamy goodness was like heaven and for a brief moment, I felt normal. But then, I started feeling a different kind of headache – the one I know means that my sugar is too high. Who told me Cinnabon was a good choice? I guess my gluttony got the better of me.

So here I am, still with the headache and an empty stomach because I’m afraid to eat since I don’t want this headache to get worse.

Did I mention that the Cinnabon was 880 calories?

To top it all off, it’s 830 pm and I’ve been up since 3 am.


Better decisions tomorrow are a must.


Turkey (and other foods) Day

For me, Thanksgiving is all about the food. I’m not American and never celebrated Thanksgiving prior to moving to the states 13 years ago. And even then, if I wasn’t in a relationship, it was either a day off work or an opportunity to make time and a half at work.

However, my husband and I have been together almost six years and for the last 6 years we’ve celebrated the holiday by cooking massive amounts of food and inviting friends over to eat us out of house and home. This year, since we’re new to Arizona, we don’t have many people to invite so it’ll just be us and maybe one or two friends. The menu is generally the same every year:

– Turkey (I’ve been told by everyone who tastes it that it’s the best turkey they have ever eaten);

– Ham;

– Sweet potato casserole;

– Mac and cheese;

– a random vegetable that no one ever eats. This year, it’ll be green beans;

– dessert – usually a pie of some sort.

I have a bad habit of eating ridiculous amounts of food on Turkey Day and Christmas, especially the sweet potato casserole and ham. Those are, by far, my favorites.


Self control is a must for me this year since I’m trying to keep things in check…but it’s all so good! And then we’ll do it all over again for Christmas. Why do I even try to make a lifestyle change right before the holidays? Oh yeah, I’ve gotta get my life together.

Have a great holiday this week, everyone…And don’t forget to be considerate of people and their relationship with food. You never know what can be a trigger for someone suffering silently with an eating disorder. Hop over to Buzzfeed to reference┬áthis list of what not to say about food at Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I Thought I Was Healthy


Last week, I went to the doctor for an annual. She walked into the office, introduced herself and said “You have a goiter. Let’s get you an ultrasound to make sure it’s not serious.” Man, this doctor is efficient. But I was still thrown for a loop. I’ve had this swelling in my neck my entire life and never once has any doctor told me that it’s a goiter and suggested that we get it checked.

So that afternoon, I got my ultrasound done. The next morning after fasting for what felt like forever, I went for a crapton of bloodwork – cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid hormone levels, iron levels etc.. I swear they took 50 vials of blood and 3 gallons of urine.

Fast forward to today. I got a phone call a couple days ago telling me to come in to discuss my results since they found nodules on my thyroid. The earliest they could fit me in was today so, for the last day and a half I’ve been stressing out. Long story short, I have high cholesterol, am prediabetic, have iron deficiency anaemia and am scheduled for a biopsy of my thyroid nodules next Thursday.

I’m freaking out.

I’m afraid of having cancer. I mean, I have a family. A one year old. Nothing can happen to me. I know that 95% of thyroid nodules are benign but my dad died of cancer that seemingly came out of nowhere. Then the cholesterol and the prediabetes. My dad had diabetes too and that was no fun. I’ve been doing research on what I can do. And I know it boils down to exercise and weight loss but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I don’t even know what to do right now. I’ve been doing research on different lifestyle changes that I need to make and it’s so freaking overwhelming. I mean, everything has sugar! The cholesterol piece isn’t going to be too difficult for me, though. So I guess that’s one less thing I need to stress out about.

At least I can say I started taking steps before I got these details today. I haven’t had a soda since the first, and I’ve not had any fast food or pizza. I’ve definitely NOT been consistent with working out though. People keep telling me that I look like I’ve lost weight but it’s hard for me to relish in that knowing what I know about what’s going on inside my body.

I’ve got to keep reminding myself…baby steps.