Obesity: Mental, Physical or Both?

This is a quick one, but I had to share my experience over the last couple days.

I’ve realized that I’ve developed an aversion to junk food. I don’t know when or how this happened. All I know is it happened. Today, I was feeling ‘peckish’ and went hunting in the pantry for something good. Of course, I went straight to the Halloween candy stash (yes, we still have Halloween candy) and got two mini Almond Joy bars. Now, let me tell you, Almond Joy is my absolute favorite chocolate bar. The combination of chocolate, gooey coconut and almonds is just awesome and it’s one of the few chocolates that doesn’t give me migraines. Usually, two mini bars would be perfect to take care of that itch but tonight, it just seemed to be too much. I could barely manage one and resisted the urge to spit it out and promptly put the second bar back into the bowl. Now that I think of it, maybe I should have spit it out.

Then a couple days earlier, again that feeling for sweets came upon me and I grabbed a couple vanilla cookies with a glass of milk. After about a minute or so, I turned around and put the cookies right back into the packaging and sat on the couch with my cup of milk. Strangely enough, the thought of eating the cookies made me ill.

So, I brought this up to my husband and he suggested that it was all in the mind. But I’m wondering whether it truly is mental. Maybe it’s actually physical, considering how much I’ve changed my diet over the last two months. Or, perhaps it’s a combination of both. I’ve committed to making all these changes this year and reaching my goals (finally) so maybe my mind is working with me rather than against me. There have been times when I’ve felt like my mind is also working against me, though.

On New Year’s Eve, I had Chinese take out for dinner and I just wanted to keep going and going and going. Even though I was full and I felt somewhat sick to the stomach, I just wanted to continue eating. This is somewhat reminiscent of my food past which resulted in my being at the weight I am now. Now, I won’t say that I have a food addiction, but I definitely have a food problem, emotional eating being just part of it. That, I know, if mental.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is that weight loss and gain are both mental and physical. You can take care of the physical but if you don’t also take care of the mental, then you inevitably may end up back at square one. It takes just as much work to take care of the mental as it does the physical, but it’s worth it.


Turkey (and other foods) Day

For me, Thanksgiving is all about the food. I’m not American and never celebrated Thanksgiving prior to moving to the states 13 years ago. And even then, if I wasn’t in a relationship, it was either a day off work or an opportunity to make time and a half at work.

However, my husband and I have been together almost six years and for the last 6 years we’ve celebrated the holiday by cooking massive amounts of food and inviting friends over to eat us out of house and home. This year, since we’re new to Arizona, we don’t have many people to invite so it’ll just be us and maybe one or two friends. The menu is generally the same every year:

– Turkey (I’ve been told by everyone who tastes it that it’s the best turkey they have ever eaten);

– Ham;

– Sweet potato casserole;

– Mac and cheese;

– a random vegetable that no one ever eats. This year, it’ll be green beans;

– dessert – usually a pie of some sort.

I have a bad habit of eating ridiculous amounts of food on Turkey Day and Christmas, especially the sweet potato casserole and ham. Those are, by far, my favorites.


Self control is a must for me this year since I’m trying to keep things in check…but it’s all so good! And then we’ll do it all over again for Christmas. Why do I even try to make a lifestyle change right before the holidays? Oh yeah, I’ve gotta get my life together.

Have a great holiday this week, everyone…And don’t forget to be considerate of people and their relationship with food. You never know what can be a trigger for someone suffering silently with an eating disorder. Hop over to Buzzfeed to reference┬áthis list of what not to say about food at Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!