My sister-in-law told me earlier this week (and this isn’t the first time) that I’m her motivation. While I’m flattered, I always have trouble wrapping my mind around that. I mean, I’m fat, lazy and regularly fall off the wagon. How can this be motivating?

But then I realized that despite these things, I never give up.


And I can see how that can be motivational to someone. So, even though there are days that you feel like you’re just floundering, you have to keep going because you never know when you could be motivating someone to make a difference in their own life.

Now, if I motivate her, what motivates me? My son is my motivation. There are days when I want to attach my FitBit to him and see how many steps he takes in a day and then record them as my own. He moves that much! And I want him to keep moving! I don’t want him to ever fall into a sedentary life and forget how much fun running in circles around the couch! So, he motivates me to get my weight down and get my energy up so that I can keep up with him and be a great example to him as he gets older.

Kids are observant. They see EVERYTHING! If he sees me making healthy choices, he’ll want to do the same. And this doesn’t only apply to health. It applies to moral and ethical choices as well. Children are born as a blank slate. They love everything and everyone equally and wouldn’t it be wonderful if they stayed that way? But they learn from their parents what the right and wrong things are (even if these things aren’t the right and wrong things and even before their parents deliberately try to teach them these things).

And so far, this motivation is working! In the last month, I’ve lost 13 pounds and I’ve made massive changes to what and how much I eat. I’ve not had fast food, soda or delivery pizza in 42 days and I intend to keep this going well into the new year. The new year will also see me looking for a regular exercise regimen. This is truly going to be a lifestyle change rather than just a diet.

What’s your motivation? It can be a new dress, health changes, family or loved ones. Only you can define your motivation and nobody can tell you that your motivation is wrong. So, if you haven’t already found it, figure out what it is and let that motivation move you to be successful!

While thinking of your motivation, enjoy the most motivational song of the 1980’s.


I Thought I Was Healthy


Last week, I went to the doctor for an annual. She walked into the office, introduced herself and said “You have a goiter. Let’s get you an ultrasound to make sure it’s not serious.” Man, this doctor is efficient. But I was still thrown for a loop. I’ve had this swelling in my neck my entire life and never once has any doctor told me that it’s a goiter and suggested that we get it checked.

So that afternoon, I got my ultrasound done. The next morning after fasting for what felt like forever, I went for a crapton of bloodwork – cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid hormone levels, iron levels etc.. I swear they took 50 vials of blood and 3 gallons of urine.

Fast forward to today. I got a phone call a couple days ago telling me to come in to discuss my results since they found nodules on my thyroid. The earliest they could fit me in was today so, for the last day and a half I’ve been stressing out. Long story short, I have high cholesterol, am prediabetic, have iron deficiency anaemia and am scheduled for a biopsy of my thyroid nodules next Thursday.

I’m freaking out.

I’m afraid of having cancer. I mean, I have a family. A one year old. Nothing can happen to me. I know that 95% of thyroid nodules are benign but my dad died of cancer that seemingly came out of nowhere. Then the cholesterol and the prediabetes. My dad had diabetes too and that was no fun. I’ve been doing research on what I can do. And I know it boils down to exercise and weight loss but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I don’t even know what to do right now. I’ve been doing research on different lifestyle changes that I need to make and it’s so freaking overwhelming. I mean, everything has sugar! The cholesterol piece isn’t going to be too difficult for me, though. So I guess that’s one less thing I need to stress out about.

At least I can say I started taking steps before I got these details today. I haven’t had a soda since the first, and I’ve not had any fast food or pizza. I’ve definitely NOT been consistent with working out though. People keep telling me that I look like I’ve lost weight but it’s hard for me to relish in that knowing what I know about what’s going on inside my body.

I’ve got to keep reminding myself…baby steps.

No appetite, fatigue, heartburn, and Thanksgiving around the corner

I’m so exhausted *yawn*

For the last week, I’ve been supremely fatigued, with no appetite, and super severe heartburn. When I say severe heartburn, I mean SEVERE. Practically anything I eat is giving me the burn. Water is giving me heartburn! Ughhhhhh!

On the plus side though, that’s been helping me manage my food intake. Lol. No binge November has been successful (so far)!

Fatigue is killing me. I’ve been up since 4am (heartburn) and couldn’t get back to sleep. So, for the first time in a week (because of the fatigue combined with the weather and a cruddy work schedule) I went for a walk today. Two miles, 40 minutes. Felt good, but now I’m worn the heck out. At some point today I’m gonna make my way back to bed.

Speaking of No Binge November, Turkey day is so close I can smell it! I’ve got so much to do today. Grocery shopping needs to be done, brine needs to be made and the turkey needs to be marinated, the house needs to be cleaned a little. I’m pretty sure that if this heartburn and lack of appetite sticks around I won’t be eating too much on Thursday. Here’s the menu…or at least part of it:



Sweet potato casserole

Macaroni and cheese

Green beans

Dessert? Chocolate cake and pecan pie.

It’s gonna be awesome and binge worthy but I won’t be binging!

Such a good way to start the day…

You know, as much as I am usually reluctant to get out of bed and go running I never regret it. I drag myself out of bed every other day (usually), ask Siri what the weather is, pull on my sneakers and my hoodie and hit the pavement. I turn my music up and start going. It’s kinda hard in the beginning but once I get my blood flowing and my feet moving and music in my ears, I start feeling good. And, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “An early morning walk (or run) is a blessing for the whole day”.

I’ve noticed that after my runs, my day always goes better. I have more energy. I’m more lively and have more of a positive attitude. Nothing can ever get me down if I start my day with a run. I definitely feel blessed to be able to start my days like that (And I should start running every day).

I’m super thankful for the day I decided to pick up running. It’s been an awesome experience.

A Little Disappointed/Ode to Daft Punk

Almost 8 weeks ago, I became a runner. Now, you’re probably thinking “One does not simply become a runner. One must endure vigorous training before one can truly be a runner”. Uh, no. Seven and a half weeks ago, I started the C25K program using the app on my iPhone. This was my second attempt at the program. My first attempt was on the treadmill and was a fail but I can’t remember why now. The reason will come back to me soon. Anyway, I registered for The Color Run, launched the app and got to running. Outside. On the pavement. Completely different experience from running on the treadmill.

Anyway, week by week I got better.



Ok, maybe not faster or stronger, but I got better. I was eventually able to run 25 minutes straight on November 1st. Big achievement for me! Then I ran 28 minutes (with a 1 minute and 47 second break) yesterday. Today, I donned my sneakers, hoodie and tights and ventured out into the damp 42˚ morning to run before work.

And I ran…for 10 minutes.

Yeah, from 28 minutes yesterday to 10 minutes today.

My leg muscles cussed me out and my shins began to ache.

I started walking.

Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I have another 5K in 12 days and I need to be sure that I can run the entire thing, for my own satisfaction. And that means training vigorously until the big day. On the other hand, I need to know my limits because if I hurt myself, I won’t be running AT ALL. But still, I’m disappointed because I’ve come so far in the running journey and I’ve felt super proud of myself up ’til this point, only to have a bit of a setback. But it’s not going to stop me. Tomorrow, I go to work early so when I get home from work, I’ll probably take a walk and then on Thursday, I’ll attempt W8, D2 again.


Days off aren’t really days off…C25K, chores and more…

Today has been the busiest day off ever. Thanks to DST, I’m super rested, having gotten an extra hour of sleep so I was up a lot earlier than I usually am on a day like today. Started the day with Week 8, Day 1 of C25K (the best running program out there), worked up a nice sweat and then got home to clean house, do laundry, cook dinner, tend to the pets amongst other things…the list goes on and on, trust me.

Why can’t a day off just be a day where I can sit on my couch, relax, watch some TV or chill with a good book? It never happens. But, at the same time, if I had a day off where I had nothing at all to do, I probably would still be in bed and would never have gone for my run.

Speaking of runs, week 8, day 1 consists of a 5 minute warm up walk followed by 28 minutes of running and a 5 minute cool down walk. I actually walked a couple minutes extra at the end so in 41 minutes and 28 seconds I completed 2.43 miles at an average pace of 17 minutes and 4 seconds per mile and an average speed of 3.5 mph. According to the Runtastic app, I burned 554 calories but the Nike+ Running app said I burned 309. I don’t know which one to believe. I paused twice for a total of 1 minute and 43 seconds.

I guess I’m secretly thankful for busy days off.

Back to the chores I go. Next on the list? Folding laundry. Worst chore ever.

Connections with Strangers and a Declaration

It always feels good to connect with someone on a similar journey as myself. Being able to hear their about their journey helps me renew my effort and reminds me “Hey, I can do this!”.

Today, at my “day job”, I met someone who is also on a weight loss/get fit mission and I would have never thought it. She was fit, confident and awesome to talk to but it turns out that she’s lost 57 pounds this year through healthy eating and marathon training. Yep, marathon training. Her New Year’s resolution was to run a Half Marathon (Here I was thinking I was doing big things vowing to run a 5K! Lol! I’m joking!). And she’ll be achieving that goal in the next 2 weeks. I told her about my completing The Color Run last weekend (which I’m still high off of, BTW) and she gave me a high five while praising my success and encouraging me to continue. THAT made me feel great. A complete stranger shared my excitement and that made me want to keep going.

So, stranger who will remain unnamed, this post is for you. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the words of encouragement. You’re helping me stay on my toes and it is because of you that I will be making this declaration…


*omg, did I just say type that?*

Why yes, yes I did.