As of last week, I had completed one full week of C210K. And it was great! I thought it was going to be super difficult but it was a whole lot easier than I expected.

To put it into context, it’s been about 2 and a half years since I went running and I’ve tinkered with the idea of running again since but I wasn’t ever really motivated. Well, a good friend of mine started running and she mentioned that she wants to visit us in Arizona and do a run while she’s out here. So, in September, I’ve decided to do a 10K. As for which race I’m going to do, I’m not sure. There are a few different 10K races in September so I’ve still got to make a decision.

There are a bunch of different C210K apps out there and some of them are more realistic (in my opinion) than others. The one that’s my favorite is by ZenLabs. Some of the features of the app are:Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.47.30 PM

– It’s only 3 times/week
– You can listen to your own favorite music and playlist while you train
– Easy to use, intuitive interface
– Convenient audio coach and alerts
– Integrated with Facebook and Twitter communities
– The app works while your device is locked

I love the fact that it’s only 3 times a week because God knows, I don’t have time or energy to run more times a week than that. (I was supposed to go running after work today but when I ended up staying at work 2 hours longer than expected, that plan was pretty much squashed). I’m going to try to go run tomorrow, provided I don’t have another super long day at work. At this rate, I may end up doing week 1 all over again. Ugh.

Anyway, the goal is to be ready to run a 10K by mid September (and to run faster than a 14 minute mile, cuz that’s just atrocious.

Anyone gonna train with me??



Life happens

MAN! I’ve been busy! Between vacation and work, I’ve not had time to blog. I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you!

I’m hoping to get back into my regular routine next week. A couple quick updates:

– My weight has been consistent for the last 3 weeks, sitting at around 224. Meh;

– I didn’t track any food over vacation but I’m back on plan this week;

– I’m adjusting the focus of my blog to be less “Mission Slimpossible” and more “Mission HealthPossible” which is better overall as it’ll focus on improving health, mind and body but doesn’t have nearly as smooth of a ring as SlimPossible.

– I started C210K yesterday. I was scared but it was awesome!

I promise to be back this weekend with regular posts again! 🙂

Vacation and updates

Woot woot! I’m on vacation for the next week so I probably won’t post much. If I do, my posts are likely not going to be anything close to weight loss or health related. Consider this fair warning. Lol.

A couple updates though:

– At this week’s Biggest Loser weigh in at work I was flat. No weight gained/lost BUT my body fat decreased (according to the scale we use, at least. So I can’t really say how reliable that is);

– I’ve been eating my fair share of crap again but I’m pretty small quantities. Doesn’t make me feel any less guilty about eating the stuff, though;

– Couch to 5K is going to by my workout of choice beginning in February. I just have to decide if I’ll be running in the early mornings or after work. I’ve done C25K in the past and had a great time doing so. I got the greatest sense of accomplishment being able to complete an entire 5K (despite doing so at a ridiculously slow pace).

– I may get my hands on some product samples to review, so don’t be surprised if you see posts like that in the future.

What’s been going on in your lives??? Anything you want me to talk (write) about?

Wait…I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight??

Today, my husband was kind enough to advise me that I am currently back down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Whaaat?! Is it wrong that I didn’t even realize???

Progress is slowly being made and I am SO HAPPY! None of my clothes fit and I haven’t found a tailor (yet) to get my clothes altered. It never occurred to me to take a proper “before” picture a the beginning of this journey and because of how I dress, my size has always been well camouflaged and any pictures prior to these 21 pounds lost isn’t a very accurate representation of how much of a change has been made.

What’s changed?

  • I’m no longer a size 20. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m a tight size 16 now.
  • My size 1 tops and pants from Torrid are borderline too big. My XL tops from Target (my closet go to item) are also waaaaaaay too big now.
  • I need to punch a SECOND hole in the belt I bought at the beginning of November.
  • My stomach is pretty darn flat now (save for the baby pouch. I don’t think that’s going anywhere).

This feels great! The baby weight is officially gone! Between 50 and 55 more pounds to go.

Obesity: Mental, Physical or Both?

This is a quick one, but I had to share my experience over the last couple days.

I’ve realized that I’ve developed an aversion to junk food. I don’t know when or how this happened. All I know is it happened. Today, I was feeling ‘peckish’ and went hunting in the pantry for something good. Of course, I went straight to the Halloween candy stash (yes, we still have Halloween candy) and got two mini Almond Joy bars. Now, let me tell you, Almond Joy is my absolute favorite chocolate bar. The combination of chocolate, gooey coconut and almonds is just awesome and it’s one of the few chocolates that doesn’t give me migraines. Usually, two mini bars would be perfect to take care of that itch but tonight, it just seemed to be too much. I could barely manage one and resisted the urge to spit it out and promptly put the second bar back into the bowl. Now that I think of it, maybe I should have spit it out.

Then a couple days earlier, again that feeling for sweets came upon me and I grabbed a couple vanilla cookies with a glass of milk. After about a minute or so, I turned around and put the cookies right back into the packaging and sat on the couch with my cup of milk. Strangely enough, the thought of eating the cookies made me ill.

So, I brought this up to my husband and he suggested that it was all in the mind. But I’m wondering whether it truly is mental. Maybe it’s actually physical, considering how much I’ve changed my diet over the last two months. Or, perhaps it’s a combination of both. I’ve committed to making all these changes this year and reaching my goals (finally) so maybe my mind is working with me rather than against me. There have been times when I’ve felt like my mind is also working against me, though.

On New Year’s Eve, I had Chinese take out for dinner and I just wanted to keep going and going and going. Even though I was full and I felt somewhat sick to the stomach, I just wanted to continue eating. This is somewhat reminiscent of my food past which resulted in my being at the weight I am now. Now, I won’t say that I have a food addiction, but I definitely have a food problem, emotional eating being just part of it. That, I know, if mental.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is that weight loss and gain are both mental and physical. You can take care of the physical but if you don’t also take care of the mental, then you inevitably may end up back at square one. It takes just as much work to take care of the mental as it does the physical, but it’s worth it.

My Top 4 Reasons to Nix Diet Soda

On November 1, I started No Excuses November – no soda, no pizza and no fast food. It’s now December 31st and I’ve had pizza once and one 12 oz diet soda since then, and let me tell you that I regret that soda and the stomach ache that came with it. Rest assured, I won’t be pouring another soda down my throat. Why the heck do we drink things with ingredients whose names we can’t pronounce?

I need to start living by this…

I came across an article on CNN.com a while ago discussing the 10 reasons to give up diet soda and held on to it in an effort to save it for a blog topic down the road. Now is as good a time as any to talk about it. Without further ado, here are my top reasons for avoiding diet soda…

1) It’s a waste of calories. What’s the point of putting something in your body made up of chemicals strong enough to clean a dirty toilet? Diet soda has zero nutritional value and is nowhere near natural. Water is a better bet – all natural, zero calories, refreshing and you can add flavor naturally with fruit.

2) I value my smile. The amount of citric acid in diet soda is so high that it can erode your teeth comparable to the erosion experienced by a meth or cocaine user. No thanks. I like my teeth.

3) I’m already a decrepit woman, having had back surgery in 2010 and still suffering from chronic back pain. I don’t need osteoporosis on top of it. Regular consumption of soda, diet or not, can result in in a 4% decrease in bone density. I’d rather not have my bones crumble beneath me, thanks.

4) Soda. Just. Isn’t. Healthy. Despite having zero calories, how is it that it can make you GAIN weight rather than lose it? It doesn’t take a lot to confuse the human body and this one supposedly simple drink seriously messes with the body’s CPU.

Let’s add this to my New Year’s missions – Soda Free 2015 leading to a soda free LIFE!

Anyone else out there living soda free?

Sleep, you elusive bastard

I don’t get enough sleep. Actually, no one does. According to the CDC, “insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.” Yes, you read that correctly. It’s an epidemic. I don’t think my lack of sleep is that bad, but there are definitely people who suffer as a result.

There are so many different factors that contribute to this. Personally, it’s just my life. Between my work schedule, my husband’s work schedule, the toddler and just the need to be a wife and mom, I don’t have time for much else. I try to sleep when the kid sleeps but that doesn’t always work out the way I expect it. And I don’t think my boss would appreciate impromptu nap times at my desk. For other people, lack of sleep could be caused by medication, diet (maybe too much caffeine, for example), 24/7 connectivity – damn you smartphones! – or any other multitude of factors.

But, a lack of sleep is about so much more than being rested. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and depression. I don’t know about you, but when I get enough sleep, I feel like a completely different person, emotionally and physically. When something as simple as sleep can make such a difference in our lives, why don’t we make an effort to get more of it? Maybe we just don’t know how much sleep we need.

The NIH suggests the following guidelines:

School aged children: at least 10 hours a day

Teens: 9 to 10 hours

Adults: 7 to 8 hours.

On average, I get anywhere from 5 to 6 hours a night, but I function best when I get about 9 hours a night. But back to my original question. Why don’t we get more sleep? It’s just sleep! It’s so easy to do! My answer? Life. We want to get as much done as possible. If that means staying up all night to get that stuff done, that’s what we’ll do. Or maybe we just want to watch one more episode of Downton Abbey (my current binge watching guilty pleasure) and before you know it, it’s 3 am and we have to be at work at 5 am. Maybe, it’s the only personal time you can have after the rest of your family goes to sleep.

Courtesy of: http://www.stickycomics.com/whats-sleep/

Who knows? We just need to make sure that we make strides to get more sleep. It’s one of the first steps to improving our overall health. If getting a couple more hours of sleep can extend my life and help me manage my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol, I’m all for it.

In 2015, I’m going to strive to get 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Will I do it every night, probably not. But if I can do it at least a few times a week, it’ll be worth it.