Laundering smarter or harder?

I’m all about making my life easier. I am too tired and have too much going on to have to hunt down lost socks or panties. This is where laundry bags come in. Have you ever used mesh laundry bags for your delicates?91p+F1-iQbL._SL1500_ I received this item for free in exchange for a fair and unbiased review, so here it is…

I’ve used laundry bags in the past and these by Inside Smarts weren’t much different. The main things I liked:
– variety of sizes for different items: the medium bags are perfect for one or two bras while the large bags are perfect for a larger number of delicates and socks;
– the bags are durable and thick. Previous bags I’ve owned have been thin with flimsy zippers that fall apart after a couple uses.

I will say that they’re a bit expensive…I mean, for mesh laundry bags. I paid about $3 for one the size of the large on. Theoretically, I could have gotten 4 large bags for less than this variety pack (Please note, $15 is the “sale” price).

They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t anything to write home about, either.

Golly, this review is short. There isn’t much you can say about mesh laundry bags, huh? Yearning for more? Inside Smarts has made a video that you can enjoy in case the concept of mesh laundry bags eludes you. Lol

Overall, 4/5 stars.