Sport Armbands Aren’t For Fat Arms.

I have fat arms.

There’s no getting around it (or them). They’ve always been fat and I’m pretty sure they’re going to probably stay fat and jiggly no matter how much I work out and try to strengthen them.

And my arms are the reason I hate phone arm bands.

I got this armband for free in exchange for an unbiased review and I’ve gotta say that I’m not a fan. And really, in the grand scheme of things, it’s for pretty basic reasons, but I still don’t like it.

7186FlCgRrL._SL1200_1) My fat arms are too fat for this arm band. Even on the loosest, it’s very uncomfortable and unpleasant.What’s the point of an arm band if it doesn’t fit on my arm? And yes, it’s a personal problem, but I still don’t like it.

2) The plastic cover doesn’t fit perfectly and as a result the touch screen of my phone has lesser responsiveness. Pain in the butt.

3) The sweat! This fabric doesn’t breathe at all. I wore it for a 4 mile, 35 minute bike ride in the Arizona heat and my arm was so disgustingly sweaty afterward that it was ridiculous.

Honestly, I’m pretty darn sure I won’t be wearing this again. Anyone want it? Check out the details here.


2 thoughts on “Sport Armbands Aren’t For Fat Arms.”

  1. I had a similar thing. I never found out about the shortcomings you mentioned because I was unable to bear the way it looked on my arm…. Like a ribbon tied tight around a water balloon

    1. Exactly! It’s like a really bad and uncomfortable muffin top…but on your arm. I was forced (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) to wear mine today because I wanted to ride my bike and I’m yet to invest in a Camelbak.

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